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Веб дизайн

Web design

I create websites: html and Here is what I can do:

FLASH MENU, INTRO: if you would like to freshen up your website, then using Flash is the best approach. I don't create 100%-Flash sites, but I can add enough of it to create dynamics.

JAVASCRIPT: many tested and working scrips, which will add a lot of functionality to your website. They will make it compact and dynamic without having to embed Flash. If you want to have updating clock, date, sounds, moving objects, pop-ups etc., then you are in the right place.

CSS: using proper styles and fonts on your website will save you time and web traffic. Instead of having many individual styles per page, it is much useful to put them into a separate file. I can recode your site or help to optimize it by using CSS.

HTML: modern code, which will correctly show in every single browser obeying today's web standards. I work with Dreamweaver.

ASP.NET: the leader by simplicity and utilization today. Using Master Pages will reduce the size of a website and speed it up dramatically. I work with Visual Studio. I also have experience with Microsoft SharePoint 2007.

GALLERY: would you like to have images and photos on your website, then come in. I will install a perfect gallery for your needs.

My works:

For your information:

  • More than 3 years of experience in this area
  • More than 15 clients
  • They are: companies, private customers, sports clubs and others (for privacy I can't list them all)
  • Individual approach to every client
  • Flexible prices
  • Working at weekends and late hours
  • Possibility to update and monitor a website remotely on a regular bases


  • If I won't be able to help you, I would recommend someone else with more skills to assist you

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