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Old News: Archive 1

28/04/2009 13:24 КОНЦЕРТ: Саша Сон и Атланта: Trinity Rooms, Limerick: 27 Апреля 2009

Концерт прошел очень позитивно.

Играла спокойная музыка в превосходном исполнении. Атланта, оказалась очень милой девушкой :)

У Димы (Саша Сон) отличный голос и большое будущее.

Пожелаем ему удачи на ЕВРОВИДЕНИИ 2009!

Саша Сон и Атланта, 27 Апреля 2009

Скоро будет пару фоток...

26/04/2009 13:21 ДЕБЮТ: Русская Дискотека: An Cruiscin Lan, Cork: 24 Апреля 2009

2009.04.24 Cork - Русская дискотека

Наш дебют к Корке прошел на ура!
Было почти 70 человек. Недовольных не осталось.
В следующий раз будет ещё веселей:)

15/02/2009 14:00 NEW RULES:

From now on, all trouble-makers will be barred and listed here!

The country needs to know its heros:) Remember those, who kill our parties and disappoint everyone.

The guy who was responsible for stopping the gig on 14 February in Scotts Bar is Roland. He attacked our camera man.


08/02/2009 23:51 GAME: Valentine's Day:

Here is a small Flash game for all romatic folks:

Use your mouse:)

07/12/2008 23:51 NEWS: Looking for writers

Meeting Point: Balkans Ireland

The foreign organisation Meeting Point: Balkans Ireland is looking for a few journalists for a new project.

All information is here

Read and volunteer:)

02/02/2009 10:38 ATTENTION: Vote for Russian Disco!

Everybody who wants to support Russian Disco among other music events in Ireland, please vote for me on this website:

Today is the last day for voting:)

How to do it:

  1. Opeb this link -> Irish Dance Music Awards 08/09
  2. Register
  3. Check you email
  4. Follow the link sent to you
  5. I am not in the survey, so choose Other (Enter in Comments) when voting
  6. Then types something like this:
    DJ Alex Black - Russian DJ
    Russian Disco, Limerick
  7. You can skip some of the questions: Best single, Album etc.


UPDATE: the survey is closed now. No good news. We had very little time..

01/12/2008 18:01 DISCO: Russian folk dancing: Groody Bar, Castletroy: 29 November 2008

Russian folk dancing Russian folk dances

RUSSIAN FOLK DANCES went really great. I hope you all enjoyed it:)

The next gig is on Sunday in Scott's Bar, on the 28th of December. It will be a NEW YEAR PARTY!!!

03/08/2008 23:53 News: Fundraising в Baker's Place a new RADIO Station


8pm, Tuesday, 5 August
Baker's Place, Tait Square, Limerick

Come along and listen to a variety of music (Polish, Russian, Irish, French, Romanian etc) and help fundraising for the new immigrant community radio station.

4 All FM

Briefly, a new radio for immigrants is launching soon. Broadcasting will be in a few languages including Russian.


Check them out:)

28/07/2008 19:27 NEWS: Winamp Playlists

Here is the full list of my songs.

Click on image to view it:

WINAMP playlist

Winamp rus Winamp eng
Russian Foreign

27/07/2008 20:43 NEW: T-shirt VIP Crew

All DJs will wear this for the next gig:


If you want one of them, you have the opportunity to buy it!
Contact me for more info

29/06/2008 10:43 JOKE: Russian president

Medvedev - Nikolay II

Medvedev is a double of tsar Nikolay II ???

03/06/2008 19:23 A bit of humour: Turn off the sound if you are listening to mp3 player

PPS office
PPS Office in town
A list of documents for a PPS application

01/06/2008 21:00 New places:

On Sunday, June 1st, I had a debut in Old Quarter Bar.

Old Quarter Limerick
I played there a few times

and on Saturday, May 24th, I played for the first time in Aubar's

Aubars Limerick
Some Pop & House music. The crowd was delighted:) Discussed further gigs

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